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From Spanish resaca, probably from resacar (retake), though possibly from rio seco (dry river) instead.


resaca (plural resacas)

  1. A dry river bed, a former channel of the Rio Grande, found in the southern half of Cameron County, Texas.
    • 1911 July, D. W. Stookey, Land Drainage, in The Clay-worker:
      The drainage of the bottoms south of the Arroyo Colorado is inadequately provided for by broad, shallow depressions between the resacas.
    • 2013, Philipp Meyer, The Son, Simon & Schuster 2014, p. 264:
      Even the springs at Carrizo are barely flowing; it is said this is a result of the irrigation. The resacas have all gone dry.



Back-formation from resacar (to distil). Thence from sacar (to extract).


resaca f (plural resacas)

  1. undertow, surf, backwash (outgoing wave)
  2. (commerce) redraft, redrawing
  3. hangover (illness caused by a previous bout of heavy drinking)
  4. silt deposit
  5. (Mexico, US) dry stream bed; resaca

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