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Alternative forms[edit]


Deverbal from roll out.


rollout (plural rollouts)

  1. An act of rolling out; gradual deployment.
    Hypernyms: deployment, introduction
    • 2012 April 19, Josh Halliday, “Free speech haven or lawless cesspool – can the internet be civilised?”, in the Guardian[1]:
      The growing use of social media to spread anger and dissent in the Arab world has been hailed by western governments as one of the chief justifications for a completely unfettered internet. The US is reportedly funding the secret rollout of technology in Iran in an effort to undermine internet censors in the country.
    • 2021 September 22, “National Rail Awards 2021: Automated Intelligent Video System”, in RAIL, number 940, page 54:
      They were also impressed with the speed of the rollout, considering that the idea was only realised once the pandemic took hold.
  2. (aviation) The phase of a landing after touchdown but before the aircraft slows to taxi speed.
    The pilot kept a vigilant eye out for runway obstructions throughout the rollout.
  3. (American football) A play in which a quarterback moves toward the sideline before attempting to pass.
  4. (backgammon) A form of analysis in which the same position is played many times (with different dice rolls) and the various outcomes are recorded.
  5. (poker) A game variant in which players progressively reveal their cards.
  6. (HVAC) A malfunction in a gas furnace where gas burns outside the combustion chamber. Such a malfunction can cause damage to the furnace, carbon monoxide poisoning, or start a fire.

Related terms[edit]