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rook +‎ -ery


rookery (plural rookeries)

  1. A colony of breeding birds or other animals.
  2. A crowded tenement.
  3. (Britain) A place where criminals congregate, often an area of a town or city.
    • 1980, Jerry White, Rothschild Buildings: life in an East End tenement block, 1887-1920‎, page 128:
      The Flower and Dean St rookery had been home to many of those who lived at least partly by street crime.
    • 1995, Cyrille Fijnaut, Changes in Society, Crime and Criminal Justice in Europe:
      These rookeries sustained criminal social systems that provided schooling in crime for the young and newcomers.
    • 1998, Stephen Inwood; Roy Porter, A History of London‎, page 522:
      In the Victorian imagination, crime and the criminal class were always associated with rookeries, the dense slum areas in which criminals were said to live.