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From sala +‎ -ón.


  • IPA(key): /saˈlon/, [saˈlõn]


salón m (plural salones)

  1. living room, front room, sitting room, parlor, lounge, drawing room (room where guests are received)
    Veo la tele en mi salón.
    I watch TV in my lounge.
    Synonyms: cuarto de estar, living, (Venezuela) recibo, sala, sala de estar
  2. salon (room)
  3. salon (gathering)
  4. hall (meeting hall)
  5. exhibition hall
  6. (Mexico, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay) classroom (long form is "salón de clases")

Usage notes[edit]

Both salón and sala de estar can be used to mean "living room", which sometimes confuses English speakers. Depending on the size of the house, sometimes both words can be used to describe the same exact room, and other times they are two disparate rooms that aren't interchangeable. The difference lies in the following. The salón is the room of a house where guests are received. If someone is hosting a party, this is where the guests will go after they enter the house to mingle and relax. In English, we have terms for this like sitting room, front room or parlor, but in the United States, those terms have somewhat become outdated, and "living room" is used to describe any room for lounging. But again, the emphasis is on the place where guests are received.

For sala/sala de estar, on the other hand, the emphasis is on the principal or main room of the house. In your typical one-story house, your salón and sala are one and the same room. However, in bigger homes and mansions, your salón and sala are two distinct rooms. The salón is typically more public, and by inviting anyone into your home, you are giving them access to it, whereas your sala de estar is more private. Your guests would only go there if you as host invite them. Again, this can vary from region to region, but hopefully the distinction in connotation clarifies any confusion.


Derived terms[edit]

(diminutive saloncillo or saloncito)

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