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From Malay saman ‎(fine, financial penalty), from English summons.


(Singapore) IPA(key): /'sʌmʌn/


saman ‎(plural samans)

  1. (Singapore, colloquial, informal) A fine; a monetary penalty imposed when the law is broken.
    • 2007, Jonnykato, “ERP Question”, in[1]:
      I pass thru this gantry at ecp without cashcard. why do i kena saman till $70?
    • 2011, Fredd, “I am a parking warden”, in[2]:
      Technically parking outside the lot is illegal parking, doesn't matter if you put a coupon. The patrolling wardens can't saman you but parking in washing bay and bike lots are very easy targets for residents to complain about. Because of that no escape from getting saman after a quick call to the hotline.
    • 2013, Mark, “Not just ‘saman’ kings: Kind parking warden helps old woman alight from taxi”, in[3]:
      Not just 'saman' kings: Kind parking warden helps old woman alight from taxi.
    • 2015, Presskit, “Kena saman nparks help please”, in[4]:
      I did not know that a permit was needed to set a tent. So this nparks people came and check and issued me a saman of $300!
    • 2015, Dylan Tan, “SG Quirky: The A-Z of SG50”, in Business Times (Singapore)[5]:
      “When the parking warden comes around, they shout: “Saman! Saman!” and drivers rush to their cars.”
    • 2015, Nina Syahirah, “STGCC Celebrates SG50 with Custom Munnies”, in[6]:
      When SG50 Saman Rider is on duty, no law breaker will get away!

Norwegian Nynorsk[edit]


From Old Norse saman



  1. together

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