sans gêne

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Alternative forms[edit]


Borrowed from French: sans (without) + gêne (embarrassment). Used in French as an appellation denoting unabashed behavior, disregard for societal constraints: see Madame Sans-Gêne at Wikipedia for an example.


sans gêne (uncountable)

  1. Lack of constraint; brazenness; unreservedness.



sans gêne (not comparable)

  1. Without constraint, unembarrassed.
    • 1853, Theodore Winthrop, The Canoe and the Saddle, chapter X
      Loolowcan was evidently at home among these compatriots, frowzier even than he. He squatted among them, sans gêne, and lighted his pipe. One of the ladies did the honors, and motioned me to a seat upon a rusty bear-skin.