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Alternative forms[edit]


say-so (plural say-sos)

  1. Statement that something is so.
    I wouldn't buy anything that expensive just on the say-so of a saleman.
    The say-so of one small child is not enough to convict a man of murder in the absence of any other evidence.
    • 1988, Boris Aldanov, The human predicament, volume 1, page 134:
      the answer is that we just 'think' ourselves to Be Goodness Itself, we confer that Goodness upon ourselves by say-so, []
    • 2007, Francesca Aran Murphy, God Is Not a Story: Realism Revisited
      We could only know the authors are eye witnesses by taking it on their say-so, that is, by believing them, or by believing a string of say-sos.
  2. (informal) Permission.
    You are not to go into that room without my say-so.
  3. Say, voice (in a matter).
    I have to do it. I'm afraid I have no say-so in the matter.
    • 1999, Jack C. Doppelt, Ellen Shearer, Nonvoters: America's no-shows, page 162:
      "I guess I have gotten fed up with the government. You're only helped if you're on the good side. If you're on the bad side, then you can't have help, you've got no say-so, and you've got no rights, [] "



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