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From scheme or schema.



schematic (comparative more schematic, superlative most schematic)

  1. represented too simply or in an overly formulaic way, reflecting a shallow or incomplete understanding of complex subject matter
  2. sketchy, incomplete
    • 1902, William James, Varieties of Religious Experience,
      Dr. Starbuck gives an interesting, and it seems to me a true, account -- so far as conceptions so schematic can claim truth at all...
  3. relating to a schema
    • 1988, Andrew Radford, Transformational grammar: a first course, Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, page 228:
      Given the terminology we have introduced here, we can say that all of the bracketed phrases in (3) above are of the schematic form (4) below:
      (4)    Specifier + Head + Complement
      Now, we have already argued in the case of Noun Phrases that a Head Noun together with its Complement form an N-bar; and that this N-bar together with its Specifier ( = Determiner) forms an N-double-bar.


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schematic (plural schematics)

  1. A simplified line drawing used by scientists, engineers, technologists and others to illustrate a system at an abstract level. Schematic drawings often use standard symbols for clarity.
    I'll have to study the schematics for the new integrated circuit before I can create a good layout.