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From school +‎ -ie (diminutive suffix).

Alternative forms[edit]



schoolie (plural schoolies)

  1. (Australia) A senior school student, especially a school-leaver, engaged in unsupervised celebrations during schoolies week.
    • 1996, John Cotterell, Social Networks and Social Influences in Adolescence, page 176,
      Known as the Drug Awareness Network, it was able to find funding assistance for its work from the National Drug Education unit. The network devised a programme of activities which was later advertised to intending Schoolies by helpers walking the streets and distributing leafets containing information about forthcoming events.
    • 2007, John Chalmers, Byron Bay Taxis and Lunacies, page 78,
      Some of the locals prey on the Schoolies.
    • 2009, Justine Vaisutis, Australia, Lonely Planet, page 338,
      If staying in November or December, the place is filled with hundreds of schoolies.
    • 2010, Garry Disher, Blood Moon, page 17,
      But the victim in this case had been a schoolie, she′d been assaulted during Schoolies Week, and her attacker might have been a fellow schoolie.
  2. (Australia) A schoolteacher.
  3. (Britain, military) An education officer.
    • 2008, John H. Dunning, Seasons of a Scholar: Some Personal Reflections of an International Business Economist, page 46,
      Arbroath, being a training station for young naval airmen, also housed several ‘schoolies’ (education officers), four of whom lived in an adjacent building to mine. I quickly struck up a close friendship with two of the schoolies, Ron Horner and Vivian Price.
  4. (US) A bass that swims in a school.
    • 1997 August, Lawrence Pine, Massachusetts′s Plymouth Rock Bass, Field & Stream, page 94,
      Poppers and Clouser-style flies can produce large numbers of schoolies that average 16 to 24 inches, with a sprinkling of fish from 24 to 28 inches.
    • 2003, Larry Larsen, Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing: Top Tactics for Top Locations, page 150,
      Oklahomans Jim Campbell and Gary Tyler caught 123 peacocks (including two teeners) by concentrating on the schoolies with jigs and other small lures that day.
    • 2009, Tom Rosenbauer, Nick Lyons, The Orvis Guide to Beginning Fly Fishing: 101 Tips for the Absolute Beginner, page 88,
      Schoolies tend to concentrate inside harbors and along beaches, often moving far inside tidal creeks and salt ponds.


  • (senior school student attending school-leaving celebrations): leaver (Western Australia)
  • (schoolteacher):
  • (education officer):
  • (bass that swims in a school): schoolie bass


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