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  1. A special seal used for private correspondence.
    • 1774, Proceedings of the Suffolk Institute of Archaeology and Natural History (page 334)
      A personal Seal having a secretum is unusual; with armorial and monastic seals they are very common; []




  1. inflection of sēcrētus:
    1. nominative/accusative/vocative neuter singular
    2. accusative masculine singular


sēcrētum n (genitive sēcrētī); second declension

  1. withdrawal, loneliness, secluded place
  2. secret, private matter or conversation
    in secreto, in secretum, a secretosecretly, discreetly, in a private manner, without witness
  3. (in plural) private life
  4. (in plural) secret documents
  5. (in plural) mystery, secret cult
  6. to be mysterious, mysterious presence


Second-declension noun (neuter).

Case Singular Plural
Nominative sēcrētum sēcrēta
Genitive sēcrētī sēcrētōrum
Dative sēcrētō sēcrētīs
Accusative sēcrētum sēcrēta
Ablative sēcrētō sēcrētīs
Vocative sēcrētum sēcrēta


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