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Scottish Gaelic[edit]


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sgrath f (genitive singular sgratha, plural sgrathan)

  1. outer skin or rind of anything, husk, peel, crust
  2. bark (of a tree)
  3. layer of an onion
  4. turf, green sod, divot, as used for covering roofs of houses
  5. horror, dread
  6. rust
  7. scale (balance)
  8. rough handling
  9. long rhyme
  10. pull, tug
  11. what covers the kiln of grain
  12. greensward


sgrath m

  1. (anatomy) cortex


sgrath (past sgrath, future sgrathaidh, verbal noun sgrathadh, past participle sgrathte)

  1. peel, skin, exfoliate
  2. pare, excoriate
  3. tug, pull or handle roughly