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Apparently Australian. Usage of the panel van sense is influenced by the US trade name.


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sin bin (plural sin bins)

  1. (sports) An area where players are temporarily confined while suspended from play following an infringement of the rules of the game.
    • 1985, Nicholas Mosely, Accident, →ISBN, page 27,
      Tommy Parker had propped Sporting World against a waterjug. He said “I see Max de Woppa spent three minutes in the sin bin.”
    • 2005, Rachel K. Gibson, The Trouble With Valentine's Day, page 46,
      Rob received a minor penalty, and as he served out his three minutes kicking back in the sin bin, Chinook′s sniper, Pierre Dion, shot from the point.
    • 2012: Phil Gifford, Rivals: Sports Greatest Battles, HarperCollins Australia, unnumbered page,
      At the play-the-ball Tamati and Dowling started jostling each other, then punching. The referee sent them to the sin bin.
  2. (figuratively) A place for transgressors, a limbo; a place of confinement or self-isolation after (or in order to avert) transgressions; a state of disgrace.
    • 2001, Kersti Seksel, Training Your Cat, page 33,
      Punishment can be positive or negative, but both decrease the chances of the behaviour recurring. Positive punishment adds something unpleasant: yelling at the cat, for example. Negative punishment removes something pleasant: your company, for example, by putting the cat in the sin bin (see Chapter 9).
    • 2004, Richard Giles, Creating Uncommon Worship: Transforming the Liturgy of the Eucharist, page 88,
      Where habitual offenders remain, we can be sure that any sin-bin will not be populated by members of any one racial group alone.
    • 2004, Allison James, Adrian James, Constructing Childhood: Theory, Policy and Social Practice, Palgrave MacMillan, 130,
      As the pupils who would be the occupants of the sin-bins would not be counted as having been excluded from schools - being simply rehoused within them - the Government′s policy to cut the number of permanent school exclusions would remain intact, while the complaints made by teachers could also be addressed.
    • 2004, John Campbell, Margaret Thatcher, Volume 2: The Iron Lady, page 214,
      She was obliged to leave him in the sin-bin for four years.
  3. (US, Australia, colloquial) A panel van with a bed installed in the back.
    • 1972 September, What′s New: Rolling pad, Popular Science, page 70,
      There′s a shag rug on the floor, padding on walls and ceiling, and, for extra comfort, a 600-gallon water bed. The Sin Bin is made by Chinook Mobilodge.
    • 1978 March, Jim Elder, Camp/work conversion, Popular Mechanics, page 110,
      There is the shag-carpet “sin bin” with its fur upholstery, mahogany paneling, stained glass, color TV and chrome sidepipes.
    • 1986 January, A Family Affair, Popular Mechanics, page 86,
      Unlike the full-size Sin Bins of the ′70s, the new family vans are cute, comfortable and carlike.



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sin bin (third-person singular simple present sin bins, present participle sin binning, simple past and past participle sin binned)

  1. (sports, usually in passive voice) to send a player off temporarily following an infringement of a rule in a game