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From Proto-Finnic [Term?], from Proto-Finno-Ugric *ćolme. Cognate with Estonian sõlm, Karelian solmi, Veps sol'm, Votic sõlmu, Proto-Samic *čuolmë and Hungarian csomó (knot).



  1. knot (looping)
  2. knot (tangled clump)
  3. knot (maze-like pattern)
  4. knot, deadlock (difficult situation)
    Neuvottelut ovat pahasti solmussa
    The negotiations are in a deadlock.
  5. knot (nautical unit of speed)
  6. (graph theory) vertex
  7. (computing) node (computer attached to a network or cluster)


Inflection of solmu (Kotus type 1/valo, no gradation)
nominative solmu solmut
genitive solmun solmujen
partitive solmua solmuja
illative solmuun solmuihin
singular plural
nominative solmu solmut
accusative nom. solmu solmut
gen. solmun
genitive solmun solmujen
partitive solmua solmuja
inessive solmussa solmuissa
elative solmusta solmuista
illative solmuun solmuihin
adessive solmulla solmuilla
ablative solmulta solmuilta
allative solmulle solmuille
essive solmuna solmuina
translative solmuksi solmuiksi
instructive solmuin
abessive solmutta solmuitta
comitative solmuineen


Derived terms[edit]