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Elektriskā spuldze
Dienasgaismas spuldze


Coined in the 1930s, from the same stem as spulgs ‎(bright) (q.v.; made into a feminine 5th-declension stem with the ending -e): Proto-Baltic *spelg-, *spilg-, *spulg-, from Proto-Indo-European *pel-, *spel-, *spʰel- ‎(to shine) with an extra g.[1]


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spuldze f (5th declension)

  1. light bulb, lamp (artificial light source based on the heating of a filament, or also of gas, vapors, inside a glass container)
    elektriskā spuldze — electric bulb
    neona spuldze — neon lamp, light
    sešdesmit vatu spuldze — sixty-watt light bulb
    dienasgaismas spuldze — fluorescent lamp
    dzīvsudraba spuldze — mercury lamp, light
    spuldze deg spoži — the light bulb is burning bright
    spuldzes spilgtums — the brightness of the light bulb
    Meitene pastiepa roku un iededza spuldzi — the girl stretched her arm and turned on the light
    Helga apsēdās un iededza galda lampu... spuldze bija vāja, abažūrs slāpēja gaismu — Helga sat down and turned on the table lamp on... the bulb was weak, the lampshade stifled the light


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