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From stingrs (firm, strong, strict) +‎ -ība.


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stingrība f (4th declension)

  1. (of ideas, norms, principles, actions, or the people who espouse them) firmness, strictness, severity, rigor
    uzskatu stingrībastrictness of opinions
    režīma stingrībathe strictness of the regime
    šāda pieeja stipri paplašināja loģikas metožu iespējas un palielināja to stingrības pakāpithis approach (to mathematics) greatly expanded the possibilities of the methods of logics and increased their rigor
    viņa gandrīz arvien izvirza pret visu negaidīti augstas prasības; tā bija vēl naiva, pārspīlēta stingrībashe almost always placed unexpectedly high demands on everything; this was a naive, exaggerated strictness, severity
    Klintai aizvien patikusi Olava mātes lietišķā stingrība: tai pakļaujas kalpi un zirgiKlinta liked more and more Olavs' mother's matter-of-fact strictness: the servants and horses obeyed her
  2. (of material objects) firmness, rigidity, strength (capacity of resisting mechanical forces without harm)
    konstrukcijas stingrībafirmness of design
    atsperes stingrībathe rigidity of the spring
  3. (of living beings, their bodies) firmness, strength, sturdiness
    muskuļu stingrībamuscular firmness, strength
  4. (of actions) firmness, strength, intensity
    soļu stingrībathe firmness of the steps

Usage notes[edit]

Stingrība usually refers to abstractions ("strictness", "rigour") while stingrums tends to refer to concrete things ("firmness", "rigidity"), though there is some overlap in their uses.


Related terms[edit]