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From stingrs (firm, strong, strict) +‎ -ums.


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stingrums m (1st declension)

  1. (of material objects) firmness, rigidity, strength (capacity of resisting mechanical forces without harm)
    konstrukcijas stingrumsfirmness of design
    atsperes stingrumsthe rigidity of the spring
    auduma stingrumsthe rigidity, strength of the fabric
  2. (of living beings, their bodies) firmness, strength, sturdiness
    ķermeņa stingrumsbodily firmness, strength
    stumbra stingrumsfirmness of trunk (speaking of trees)
  3. (of actions, phenomena) firmness, strength, intensity
    tvēriena stingrumsthe firmness of the hold, grip
    vēja stingrumsthe firmness, strength of the wind
  4. (of ideas, norms, principles, actions) firmness, strictness, severity, rigor
    ar savu cieto stingrumu man vajadzēja ļaudis paglābtwith my hard (= steadfast) firmness I had to save (the) people
    saņēmis viņu ap pleciem, viņš stingri noteica: “bet tagad tev jāiet mājās”... Mirdza saprata, ka stingrums balsī vairāk domāts viņam pašamholding her by (her) shoulders, he firmly stated: “but now you have to go home”... Mirdza understood that the firmness, strictness, severity in (his) voice was meant rather for himself

Usage notes[edit]

Stingrība usually refers to abstractions ("strictness", "rigour") while stingrums tends to refer to concrete things ("firmness", "rigidity"), though there is some overlap in their uses.


Related terms[edit]