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  1. plural of sting



  1. third-person singular simple present indicative form of sting



A parallel form to stingrs(firm, strong, strict), but without the r, both from the same stem as the verb stingt(to harden, to stiffen).[1]


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stings (def. stingais, comp. stingāks, sup. visstingākais; adv. stingi)

  1. hard, firm, stiff, rigid (characterized by hardness, also viscosity, usually at low temperatures or when some components evaporate)
    stings galerts‎ ― hard meat jelly
    stinga massa‎ ― hard, rigid mass
    stingrs krēms‎ ― rigid, thick cream
    apkārt viss sasalis, stings un kluss‎ ― all around everything (was) frozen, hard and quiet
  2. (of people's or animals' bodies, their parts) hard, stiff, numb (having lost its usual strength or mobility because of low temperatures)
    stingi locekļi‎ ― stiff, numb limbs
    salā stingiem pirkstiem brauc Džeks Londons suņu pajūga‎ ― in the frost, Džeks Londons (Jack London) went with (his) numb fingers in a dog-pulled sled
  3. (of plants, occasionally animals) stiff, hard, frozen (where life processes were interrupted or limited, usually in cold, frosty weather)
    stingi zari‎ ― stiff, frozen branches
    stings kukainis‎ ― stiff, frozen insect
  4. (of corpses) rigid, stiff
    stings mirušā ķermenis‎ ― stiff, rigid dead body
    grūti paskatīties mātes stingajā sejā‎ ― it (was) difficult to look at (his) (dead) mother's rigid, stiff face
  5. (of places, environments, situations) rigid, stiff (without life, movement, sounds)
    naktī mēness gaismā viss kļuva stings, nedzīvs, it kā ar nāves elpu apdvests‎ ― at night, in the moonlight, everything became rigid, lifeless, as if blown by the breath of death
  6. (of body parts, also facial expressions, looks) rigid, stiff (characterized by unchanging, fixed muscle positions)
    stingi sejas vaibsti‎ ― rigid facial features
    stinga poza‎ ― rigid posture
    stings skatiens‎ ― rigid look, stare
    viņas acīs un stingajā sejas izteiksmē gulēja nešaubīgs visa sapratējas un zinātājas zīmogs‎ ― in her eyes and rigid facial expression lay the unmistakable stamp of the all-knower (= one who thinks s/he knows everything)
  7. (physics) rigid (capable of resisting deformation)
    stings materiāls‎ ― rigid mateiral
    stings fizikālais ķermenis‎ ― rigid physical body
  8. (technology) rigid (built in such a way that its elements cannot displace each other)
    stings režģis‎ ― rigid grid, lattice
    stinga stieņu konstrukcija‎ ― rigid tubular structure



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  1. present tense passive of stinga.