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stooshie (plural stooshies)

  1. (Scotland) the disruption caused by a disagreement or misunderstanding
    • 1978, Institute of Bankers in Scotland, Scottish Bankers magazine:
      The Traveller going through Customs goes alone, wondering what is causing the stooshie up front and nervously letting someone go before him []
    • 2003, Christopher Brookmyre, One Fine Day in the Middle of the Night:
      First of all, there’d been that horrible stooshie over the wifie in Ballygrant with MS who was growing her own cannabis in her greenhouse.
    • 2006, Jamie Stuart, Proverbs in the patter:
      Ill-will can mak a stooshie, but love can settle a stramash.
  1. (Scotland) a weekly digest magazine produced by DC Thomson: The Stooshie