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Alternative forms[edit]


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stymie (plural stymies)

  1. An obstacle or obstruction.
  2. (golf) A situation where an opponent's ball is directly in the way of one's own ball and the hole, on the putting green (abolished 1952).


stymie (third-person singular simple present stymies, present participle stymieing, simple past and past participle stymied)

  1. To thwart or stump; to cause to fail or to leave hopelessly puzzled, confused, or stuck.
    They had lost the key, and the lock stymied the first three locksmiths they called.
    • 2007 January 21, Joyce Cohen, “Beauty in the Eye of the Renter”, in New York Times[1]:
      I was making such a drama in my head it was stymieing me.
  2. (golf) To bring into the position of, or impede by, a stymie.