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From Middle French superscript, from Latin superscriptus (written above).


superscript (countable and uncountable, plural superscripts)

  1. (typography) A type of lettering form that appears as a number, figure, or symbol above the normal line of type, located at the right or left of another symbol or text.




superscript (not comparable)

  1. Placed above the normal line of text.


superscript (third-person singular simple present superscripts, present participle superscripting, simple past and past participle superscripted)

  1. (mathematics, sciences, typography, transitive, of a variable) To provide with a superscript.
    • 1987, Pragasen Pillay, “Permanent magnet synchronous motor drives and brushless DC motor drives for servo applications”, Conference Record of the 1987 IEEE Industry Applications Society Annual Meeting (Part I), IEEE, page 387:
      The ambient or unsaturated value of a variable is superscripted with a "*".
  2. (typography, transitive, of a text) To convert to a superscript form.
    • 2011, Peter Weverka, PowerPoint 2007 All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies[1]:
      Select the number or letter you want to superscript and, in the Font dialog box, enter an Offset percentage to tell PowerPoint how high to raise the number or letter.


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