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surprising +‎ -ly


  • IPA(key): /səˈpɹaɪzɪŋli/
  • (file)


surprisingly (comparative more surprisingly, superlative most surprisingly)

  1. In a way that causes surprise because it is unexpected, or unusual.
    The house was surprisingly small for such a numerous family.
    Not surprisingly, the electrician didn't come at the time he had said.
    • 2012 April 23, Angelique Chrisafis, “François Hollande on top but far right scores record result in French election”, in the Guardian[1]:
      François Hollande has moved a step closer to becoming the first Socialist president of France in a generation by beating the incumbent, Nicolas Sarkozy, in the first round of elections. But the surprisingly high vote for the extreme-right candidate, Marine Le Pen, boosted the overall figures for the right and meant that the final runoff vote on 6 May remains on a knife edge.

Usage notes[edit]

  • This adverb is more often used to modify an adjective than a verb