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normal +‎ -ly



normally (comparative more normally, superlative most normally)

  1. Under normal conditions or circumstances; usually; most of the time
    Normally, I eat breakfast at 6am, but today, I got up late and didn't eat until 9.
  2. In the expected or customary manner.
    Lisa ate normally, until she realised that she was late for choir, when she sped up.
  3. To a usual or customary extent or degree.
    He was abnormally agitated, she only normally so.
    • 1984, Robert Charles Sproul, John Henry Gerstner, Arthur Lindsley, Classical Apologetics, →ISBN, page 178:
      An even more important reason is that our generation is not only normally ignorant but abnormally so. That is, we not only have scholars who do not know the history of the church's testimony, but we have those who tell it like it was not.
  4. (mathematics, statistics) In the manner of a variable with a Gaussian distribution.


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