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szer +‎ -int


  • IPA(key): [ˈsɛrint]
  • (file)
  • Hyphenation: sze‧rint



  1. according to one's thought, belief, or guess
    Szerintem a másik út rövidebb. - I think the other way is shorter.
    Szerintem menjünk haza. - I think we should go home.
  2. by, following, in compliance with, according to, in obedience to, consistent with (e.g. a rule, a statement)
    A törvény szerint 5 évet is kaphat. - By law, he may get 5 years (in prison).

Usage notes[edit]

The two senses are similar but there is an important difference.

  • In the first sense: Péter szerint: after this one will say what one really believes that Peter really thinks. But it often also expresses doubt in the information's correctness.
  • If there is a case when we think that Peter knows the truth but he lies, we have to say Péter állítása szerint. This uses the second sense: "by Peter's statement".



(in compliance): -nak/-nek megfelelően, alapján

Derived terms[edit]

(Compound words):