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Of unknown origin[1] + -ik.


  • IPA(key): [ˈsokik]
  • Hyphenation: szo‧kik
  • Rhymes: -okik




  1. (intransitive) to get used to something (-hoz/-hez/-höz), to get accustomed to
  2. (auxiliary with an infinitive, formally in the past tense, transitive, intransitive) to do something usually, generally, normally, or habitually (compare szokás (habit))
    Synonyms: általában, rendszerint, többnyire, (all these are adverbs, as its use closely resembles them) jellemzően
    A leveleket reggel szoktam elolvasni.I generally read the mail in the morning.

Usage notes

  • In the second meaning, the verb is only used in the past tense (szokott and other forms), with the infinitive of another verb.
  • There is no modern Hungarian equivalent to used to (formerly and habitually did). The appropriate (dated) past perfect construction, szokott volt, is still colloquial in some dialects. Use szokott volt or régen (or similar adverbs) along with the past tense of szokik to express this notion. Compare:
    Reggelente szoktam elolvasni a leveleimet. ― I usually read my mail in the morning.
    Reggelente szoktam volt elolvasni a leveleimet. ― I used to read my mail in the morning.
  • There is a slight difference in meaning between szokik and hozzászokik in certain sentences.
    Nem vagyok a korai keléshez szokva. ― I'm not used to waking up early. (Implying that the person does not usually get up early in the morning.)
    Nem vagyok a korai keléshez hozzászokva. ― I'm not used to waking up early. (Implying that the person is not usually successful at waking up early, even though he has been doing it for some time.)



Derived terms


(With verbal prefixes):


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Further reading

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