tổng thống

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Sino-Vietnamese word from 總統, from Chinese 總統. Compare Japanese 総統 (sōtō, führer).



tổng thống

  1. (of a state identified as capitalist) a president
    Tổng thống Mỹ
    President of the United States
    Tổng thống Pháp
    President of France

Usage notes[edit]

  • Both chủ tịch and tổng thống translate to the English "president", but chủ tịch is used strictly to refer to the leaders of a few self-proclaimed "socialist"/"communist" countries (particularly Vietnam, China, Cuba and Laos) who are not actually elected, but appointed by the ruling political party, and then formally "re-elected" by representatives in the party; while tổng thống refers to elected leaders in democracies. While the use of "president" as a translation of chủ tịch is usually subject for mockery in Western media, the distinction is made abundantly clear in Vietnam, and possibly in China.