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From tactic +‎ -al.


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tactical (not comparable)

  1. of or relating to tactics
    • 2012 June 2, Phil McNulty, “England 1-0 Belgium”, in BBC Sport[1]:
      As in the 1-0 win against Norway in Oslo, this was an England performance built on the foundations of solid defence and tactical discipline.
  2. of or relating to military operations that are smaller or more local than strategic ones
    a tactical nuclear weapon
  3. adroit, skilful or ingenious
  4. (firearms) having a military appearance, typically with accessories such as a bipod, adjustable stock, detachable magazine or black coloration

Derived terms[edit]



tactical (plural tacticals)

  1. (computing) A combinator of proof tactics.
    • 2013, Adam Chlipala, Certified Programming with Dependent Types:
      The repeat that we use here is called a tactical, or tactic combinator. The behavior of repeat t is to loop through running t, running t on all generated subgoals, running t on their generated subgoals, and so on. When t fails at any point in this search tree, that particular subgoal is left to be handled by later tactics.
  2. A private war reenactment event involving mock battles or skirmishes.