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techno- +‎ -oid


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technoid (comparative more technoid, superlative most technoid)

  1. Pertaining to the functionality or operation of a technology; technical.
    • 1996, Paul McFedries, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Creating An HMTL Web Page, Que, →ISBN, page 222:
      DLL is VB's runtime library, which allows VB programs to interact with Windows and do other low-level, behind-the-screens, technoid stuff.
  2. Exhibiting, requiring, or characteristic of an interest in and/or proficiency with technology.
    • 1987 January, Charles Setter, Daniel Ben-Horin, “Insights on the LaserWriter”, in Macworld:
      Some folks are put off by the technoid aura of the hard-core BBS network, but the fact is that laser printing — and desktop publishing in general — is rapidly evolving, cutting-edge territory.
  3. (of music) Electronic or electronic-sounding; resembling techno music.
    • 2004, Keith Harris, Medulla review, Spin, October 2004:
      She hinted at this strategy on 2001's Vespertine, where her vocals pulsed along with music seemingly keyed to her own internal rhythms instead of getting lost in technoid tangles.
  4. (of art or design) Of or pertaining to an aesthetic style which utilizes industrial or technological forms, materials, and themes.
    • 1978, Uwe M. Schneede, Surrealism, Harry N. Abrams, →ISBN, page 136:
      We are looking into an area in which biomorphic and technoid objects seem to exist in a Utopian atmosphere.


technoid (plural technoids)

  1. (slang) A person interested in or skilled with technology.


  • (adjective: exhibiting, requiring, or characteristic of technological interest and skill): geeky, nerdy
  • (noun: person interested in or skilled with technology): geek, nerd, technophile