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Alternative forms[edit]

Etymology 1[edit]

ticky (a tick mark) +‎ box.


ticky box (plural ticky boxes)

  1. (informal) A blank square on a form in which a check mark or cross may be placed in order to indicate a selection.
    • 2006, Kay Sambell, Liz McDowell, and Alistair Sambell, "Supporting diverse students: developing learner autonomy via assessment", in Innovative Assessment in Higher Education (eds. Cordelia Bryan and Karen Clegg), Routledge (2006), ISBN 0415356415, page 164:
      At college I took a sort of ticky box approach to doing my work. I'd say to myself, right, I've done that, I've measured that, I've read that.

Etymology 2[edit]

tickey (South African threepenny coin) +‎ box.


ticky box (plural ticky boxes)

  1. (South Africa, slang) A payphone; Alternative spelling of tickey box
    • 2008, Paula Nangle, The Leper Compound, Bellevue Literary Press (2008), ISBN 9781934137062, page 96:
      They were trying to figure out how to call long distance from the ticky box.