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time out

  1. (sports) To call for a time-out.
  2. (idiomatic) To call for a suspension of activity or conversation.
  3. (live action role-playing games) Used to announce the end of time in and the beginning of time out.


time out (countable and uncountable, plural time outs)

  1. Alternative spelling of time-out
  2. (uncountable, live action role-playing games) The period of a live action roleplaying event when players are out of character.
  3. (countable, live action role-playing games) The point at which such a period begins.


  • time in (live action role-playing games)


time out (third-person singular simple present times out, present participle timing out, simple past and past participle timed out)

  1. (transitive, communication) to end (an incomplete task) after a time limit
  2. (intransitive, communication) of a task, to be terminated because it was not completed before a time limit
    The download timed out because your Internet connection was disrupted.