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Alternative forms[edit]


From 19th-century British slang, developed from or alongside tusheroon, of uncertain derivation from British slang caroon ‎(crown, a 5-shilling silver coin), from Sabir and (originally) Italian corona ‎(crown). The term was either derived from or influenced by madza caroon, the British slang for the Sabir and Italian mezzo corona ‎(half-crown), possibly under influence from tosh ("copper items; valuables") above or from the half-crown's value of two shillings, sixpence.


tosheroon ‎(plural tosheroons)

  1. (Britain, archaic slang) A half-crown coin; its value
    1933, George Orwell, Down and Out in Paris and London, xxix
    ’Ere y’are, the best rig-out you ever ’ad. A tosheroon [half a crown] for the coat, two ’ogs for the trousers, one and a tanner for the boots, and a ’og for the cap and scarf. That’s seven bob.’
  2. (Britain, obsolete slang) A crown coin; its value

Derived terms[edit]