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track +‎ record


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track record (plural track records)

  1. (idiomatic) The past performance of a person, organization, or product, viewed in its entirety and usually for the purpose of making a judgment.
    • 1990 January 27, “Man in the News: John Richard Dunne—‘Sensitive’ but Untested”, in New York Times, retrieved 29 November 2011:
      "Ideally, for this job, you want someone with a track record of commitment to civil rights, especially to racial justice, and he just doesn't have that."
    • 2011 February 22, Alex Perry, “Libyan Leader's Delusions of African Grandeur”, in Time:
      Gaddafi's calls for unity and stability are at odds with his track record of backing rebellions.
    • 2023 February 8, Sir Michael Holden, “Comment: Boom or bust: time to decide”, in RAIL, number 976, page 3:
      This is a truly appalling track record, and the DfT is now facing an awkward choice between entering a new short-form contract with Avanti's private sector owners or mobilising its Operator of Last Resort.
  2. Used other than figuratively or idiomatically: see track,‎ record.


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