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A borrowing from French toilette.


tualete f (5th declension)

  1. dress, outfit (usually with accessories, especially if carefully chosen), dressing style
    moderna, grezna, melna tualete — modern, luxurious, black dress
    balles tualete — ball dress
    bieži mainīt tualetes — to often change one's outfit
  2. grooming, care of one's body, toilet (in its archaic sense)
    tualetes piederumitoiletry (lit. grooming accessories)
    tualetes spogulisvanity mirror
    tualetes galdiņšdressing table
    tualetes ziepesgrooming soap, soap for washing one's body
    tualetes ūdens — eau-de-toilette, toilet water (light perfume for freshening one's skin)
  3. (usually in a public place) bathroom, washroom, restroom, WC (room, also separate building, usually with a sink and a toilet, for washing or eliminating human waste)
    tualetes istaba — washroom (lit. toilet room)
    tualetes papīrstoilet paper
    viriešu, sieviešu tualete — men's, women's restroom



Derived terms[edit]