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From Old Irish do·tuit (falls).



tuitt (past huitt, future independent tuittee, verbal noun tuittym, past participle tuittit)

  1. to fall
  2. to happen, befall, chance
  3. to stumble, slip, fall over
  4. to abate, subside, pass
  5. to sink, tip over, keel over
  6. to set (as the sun)
  7. to slump, crumple
  8. to founder, drift
    • Ta'n baatey tuittym er y traie.The boat is foundering on the shore.
  9. to dip, slope
    • Ta'n raad tuittym dy geyre.The road dips sharply.
    • Ta'n thalloo tuittym ayns shoh.The ground declines here.
  10. to fall, drop off, decline
    • Haghyr tuittym 'sy leagh margee.There was a fall in the market price.

Derived terms[edit]