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Alternative forms[edit]

Etymology 1[edit]


tum-tum (uncountable)

  1. A dish made in the West Indies by beating boiled plantain in a wooden mortar until it is soft.

Part or all of this entry has been imported from the 1913 edition of Webster’s Dictionary, which is now free of copyright and hence in the public domain. The imported definitions may be significantly out of date, and any more recent senses may be completely missing.

Etymology 2[edit]

Reduplication of tum, a shortened form of tummy.


tum-tum (plural tum-tums)

  1. (childish, informal) stomach
    • 2000, Joy Masoff, Oh, Yuck!: The Encyclopedia of Everything Nasty, Workman Publishing (2000), ISBN 9780761107712, page 188:
      Take a little food and stir in some GASTRIC JUICE, which is made fresh daily by the 35 million glands that line your tum-tum.
  2. (childish, informal) abdomen
    • 2011, Joanne Kimes (with Leslie Young), Pregnancy Sucks: What to Do When Your Miracle Makes You Miserable, Adams Media (2011), ISBN 144052677X, page 172:
      The Internet is full of sites where you can buy everything you need to make a plaster mold of your tum-tum.