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turd +‎ pile


turdpile (plural turdpiles)

  1. (slang, mildly vulgar) A mound of feces.
    • 1990, Michael Kandel, In Between Dragons, Bantam Books (1990), →ISBN, page 169:
      Sherm took Terhune to the lot, his thoughts at such loose ends after this bombshell that he stepped in a big wet turdpile, and it took half an hour, using sticks and an old toothbrush, to get the stuff out of the treads of his sneakers.
    • 1992, Discontents: New Queer Writers (ed. Dennis Cooper), Amethyst Press (1992), →ISBN, page 76:
      I stood looking at the tokens as if he had just deposited a steaming turdpile into my palm.
    • 2000, Bryan Goluboff, Shyster, Dramatists Play Service Inc. (2000), →ISBN, page 32:
      That name wouldn't draw flies to a turdpile.
  2. (slang, derogatory, mildly vulgar) A rude, obnoxious, or contemptible person.
    • 2001 October 27, wilbert, “Re: I'M BACK.....”, in alt.music.led-zeppelin, Usenet[1]:
      Uhhhhhhhhhh, you could leave.

      That would make us all VERY happy, you turdpile.
    • 2001 October 31, dweebo Spanka! [username], “SKIPP PROVES HE IS AN IDIOT AS WELL”, in rec.radio.cb, Usenet[2]:
      OK Skipp, you turdpile…Prove that the receiver and the transmitter of a crystal mixer type CB can be easily split up from the transmitter. No way.
    • 2006, Rick Reilly, Shanks for Nothing, Broadway Books (2006), →ISBN, page 95:
      “No, she's screwin' you, you flyin' turdpile!"
  3. (slang, derogatory, mildly vulgar) Something shoddy or inferior.
    • 1999 October 30, BrianVN, “Re: promising directors who burned out or fell flat on their face.”, in rec.arts.movies.past-films, Usenet[3]:
      [] then nothing until that Bruce Willis turdpile a few yeas[sic] ago where he played a horny psychiatrist who sleeps with a patient.
    • 2001 February 1, Bennetts family [username], “Re: Microsoft is FUN and Linux is BORING”, in alt.linux.sux, Usenet[4]:
      WMP7 is a bloated turdpile. On my last Windows install I tried it, and gotsick of it very quickly, and I returned CD playing duties to the basic,standard Windows CD Player.
    • 2001 October 21, Daniel J Stern, “Re: Any recommendations?”, in rec.autos.makers.chrysler, Usenet[5]:
      We saw lots of them in Michigan, because GM was "heavily incentivizing" <ahem> employees to drive these rolling turdpiles to create the illusion of market acceptance.