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From Germanic, compare Middle Low German umbe, Proto-Germanic *umbi (around, about, by, near). Borrowed into Proto-Finno-Saamic, cognates include Northern Sami oppa (whole; quite a). Possibly borrowed even earlier into Proto-Finno-Permic, in which case cognates include Komi-Zyrian об (ob, heavy snowfall). Doublet of ympäri.



  1. (veterinary medicine) constipation. The expressions olla ummella (to have constipation) and tulla ummelle (to get constipated) may be used of humans, but they are becoming archaic in this sense.
  2. Deep, untouched snow (with no tracks).
  3. (figuratively, archaic) An insurmountable obstacle.
  4. As a former part of compound adjective or adverb, indicates that the quality described by the adjective or adverb is total.
    (adj) ~hullu = completely nuts
    (adj) ~humalainen = absolutely drunk
    (adv) (olla +) ~kännissä = (to be +) absolutely drunk
  5. As a former part of compound noun, normally indicates the state of being closed or internal.
    ~kuja = dead-end alley


Inflection of umpi (Kotus type 7/ovi, mp-mm gradation)
nominative umpi ummet
genitive ummen umpien
partitive umpea umpia
illative umpeen umpiin
singular plural
nominative umpi ummet
accusative nom. umpi ummet
gen. ummen
genitive ummen umpien
partitive umpea umpia
inessive ummessa ummissa
elative ummesta ummista
illative umpeen umpiin
adessive ummella ummilla
ablative ummelta ummilta
allative ummelle ummille
essive umpena umpina
translative ummeksi ummiksi
instructive ummin
abessive ummetta ummitta
comitative umpineen


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