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usher in (third-person singular simple present ushers in, present participle ushering in, simple past and past participle ushered in)

  1. To announce the arrival of something; to herald.
    • 2011 September 2, “Wales 2-1 Montenegro”, in BBC[1]:
      Defeat 12 months ago away to the same opponents signalled the end of John Toshack's reign as Wales manager, ushering in first caretaker Brian Flynn and then current boss Gary Speed.
  2. To begin something with preparatory material; to introduce.
    It ushered in a whole new era.
    • 2021 October 20, Dr Joseph Brennan, “A key part of our diverse railway heritage”, in RAIL, number 942, page 56:
      The war-torn first half of the 20th century, together with the railway grouping of 1923, ushered in further austerity in design.