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From Middle Vietnamese uòi (trunk), from Proto-Vietic *vɔːj (trunk).



(classifier cái) vòi (𦞑, 𦟷, 𦠽)

  1. (anatomy, of an elephant or a tapir) a trunk
    Con vỏi con voi.
    Cái vòi đi trước.
    Hai chân trước đi trước.
    Hai chân sau đi sau.
    Còn cái đuôi đi sau nốt.
    Look at that elephanty.
    His trunk comes first.
    And also his two front limbs.
    Then come his hind limbs.
    And so does his tail.
  2. (anatomy, by extension) any tube-like organ
    vòi muỗimosquito proboscis
  3. (by extension) a hose (flexible tube)
    vòi tắmshower

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