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visualize +‎ -er


visualizer (plural visualizers)

  1. Someone who visualizes; especially someone whose mental imagery is visual.
  2. That which provides a visualization.
    • 2010, Michael Halvorson, Microsoft® Visual Basic® 2010 Step by Step:
      [] an HTML visualizer that converts HTML code to a Web page []
  3. (music) A video accompanying a song, usually simpler than a typical music video, intended to be a visual representation of the song.
    • 2020 August 20, Chris Murphy, “Lil’ Baddie Jordyn Woods Stars in Pop Smoke’s Posthumous Video for ‘Mood Swings’”, in Vulture[1]:
      Fittingly, “Mood Swings” ft. Lil Tijay has found a viral star to anchor its music video in actress, model, and former Kylie Jenner bff Jordyn Woods. In the visualizer, Jordyn Woods is the central baddie with a fatty, posing in pools and in sports cars with other baddies Dylan and Dakota Gonzalez.
  4. A person in the advertising industry who produces artwork for presentations.