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whip +‎ lash



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whiplash (plural whiplashes)

  1. the lash of a whip
  2. an injury to the upper spine connected to a violent jerk of the head in either a backward or forward or side to side direction, resembling the motion of a whip
    Synonyms: whiplash injury, whiplash-associated disorder

Usage notes[edit]

The exact causal chain leading to the medical condition as well as the objectivisation of its diagnostics are still controversial, thus the attributability of symptoms to the acts of tortfeasors is frequently subject to dispute.



whiplash (third-person singular simple present whiplashes, present participle whiplashing, simple past and past participle whiplashed)

  1. To jerk back and forth; to buffet
    • 2008, December 23, “Nicholas Confessore”, in Resistance to Kennedy Grows among Democrats[1]:
      [] Ms. Kennedy has been whiplashed by assertions that she is at once protected and presumptuous.
  2. To lash as if with a whip
    • 1990, V.C. Andrews, My Sweet Audrina[2], →ISBN, page 98:
      After a while, he let go of my hand in order to protect his own face from being whiplashed by the low branches.