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work +‎ space


  • Hyphenation: work‧space
  • (file)


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workspace (plural workspaces)

  1. An area allocated for someone to work in, especially in an office.
  2. (computing) A file (or system of files) in which related software and data can be manipulated or developed in isolation from others.
  3. (computing, graphical user interface) An empty portion of the screen or window that serves as a container for other windows or objects.
    • 2011, June Jamrich Parsons, Dan Oja, Donna Mulder, Practical Microsoft Office 2010, page 128:
      Unlike other Microsoft Office applications, Access doesn't automatically display an empty workspace when you start the program.
  4. (computing, graphical user interface) Any of the screens that can be switched between in a virtual desktop.
  5. (robotics) The set of points that can be reached by the end-effector of a robotic manipulator

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