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Alternative forms[edit]


you + tube (North American colloquial term for "television"), implying that users (the "you" in the title) may submit their own television (the "tube" in the title) content. Perhaps some humor was intended due to the slant rhyme with the popular slang term boob tube. From the name of a popular website allowing users to upload videos.


YouTube (plural YouTubes)

  1. (neologism) Any website that allows users to upload content, particularly YouTube itself.
    • 2007, Steven J. Bell, John D. Shank, Academic librarianship by design:
      None of this is to suggest that academic libraries should turn their websites into a YouTube or Facebook in which our user communities would create all the content, []
    • 2008, Bradley L. Jones, Web 2.0 Heroes:
      There is all kinds of stuff that people post there- some of it is entertaining, some is actually useful as a template for studying or for is sort of like a YouTube for documents.
  2. (neologism) A small video that can be viewed online, particularly one hosted on YouTube.
    • 2007, Andy Ihnatko,:
      Then it's a YouTube of some kid trying to play "Radar Love" on a cheap guitar using only his feet, []
    • 2009 March, Valerie McQueen, “Bring me the Horizon”, Revolver: 
      Not too long ago, there was a YouTube of you two brawling. How did the musical collaboration happen?

Proper noun[edit]


  1. A video-sharing website.


Derived terms[edit]


YouTube (third-person singular simple present YouTubes, present participle YouTubing, simple past and past participle YouTubed)

  1. (neologism, transitive) To upload a video of something to YouTube.
    • 2007, "Why YouTube gets my vote for political punditry", Guardian Unlimited, Feb 5, 2007
      The revolution will not be televised. It will be YouTubed.




Borrowing from English YouTube.


  • IPA(key): /ˈjuːtjuːb/, /ˈjuːtjuːp/

Proper noun[edit]

YouTube n (genitive YouTube or YouTubes)

  1. YouTube




Proper noun[edit]

YouTube m

  1. YouTube (a video-sharing website)