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  1. To spoil, ruin, blight, destroy (to cause the ruin of).
    pilata mahdollisuutensa
    to destroy one's chances
  2. To damage or mar (to make something less intact or even destroy it; to harm or cause destruction).
  3. To foil, scupper, thwart (to prevent something from being accomplished).
    pilata suunnitelma
    to thwart a plan
  4. To blemish, soil (to spoil the appearance of).
    Mädät tomaatit pilasivat pukuni.
    The rotten tomatoes blemished my suit.
  5. To contaminate (to introduce impurities or foreign matter).
    Myrkyllinen vuoto pilasi juomavetemme vuosiksi.
    A poisonous leak contaminated our drinking water for years to come.
  6. To bugger up, mess up, muck up (mild slang expressions for ruining or spoiling things).
  7. To bugger, cock up, fuck up, screw up (obscene slang expressions for ruining or spoiling things).
  8. To spoil (to coddle or pamper to excess).


Usage notes[edit]

While there is a wide choice of words to describe nuances, pilata can almost always be translated as to spoil.