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Non-Sino-Vietnamese reading of Chinese (SV: độ).



(classifier con, chiếc) đò (𦪂)

  1. a boat for travel on rivers, especially for sightseeing or getting across to the other bank
    • 2024 January 31, “Căn nhà tranh mái lá [Thatched house]”, performed by Tibicon ft. Deagle and Dub P:
      Ơi cô em lái đò à
      Sao em nỡ làm ngơ
      Anh mang theo tiếng đàn cò
      Văn xuất khẩu thành thơ
      Dear young woman on the boat,
      why are you ignoring me?
      I'm bringing the melodies of the two-string fiddle,
      turning prose into poetry.

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