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 ķermenis on Latvian Wikipedia


Borrowed from Old Prussian kērmens (flesh, body), introduced by A. Kronvalds to replace the Germanism ķerpers (compare German Körper) used by many other Latvian authors. Kronvalds introduced the word as ķermens; the current form only appeared and became popular in the 20th century.[1]


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ķermenis m (2nd declension)

  1. (physics) body (physical object, material entity)
    liels, smags ķermenislarge, heavy body
    cieti, šķidri, gāzveida ķermeņisolid, liquid, gaseous bodies
    ķermeņa formabody shape
    debess ķermeņiheavenly bodies
  2. (anatomy) body (of a living being), organism
    spēcīgs, slaids ķermenisa strong, slender body
    ķermeņa daļasparts of the body
    ķermeņa garums, lielumsbody length, size
    ķermeņa temperatūrabody temperature
  3. (mathematics) part of space bound by a closed surface
    sfērisks ķermenisgeometric body
    ģeometrisks ķermenisspherical body
  4. the main part of something
    mēles ķermenisbody of the tongue
    ķermeņa piedevasbody appendages (e.g., wing)


Derived terms[edit]


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