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Create a database of visual lexical entries comprising all words and expressions in common use, in all languages. This database must be readable both by humans and computers, so that it may be used by language learning applications, such as flashcards and other.



There are many words that cannot be properly conveyed by their description or translation alone. Additionally, visual representation greatly reinforces assimilation. The Picture Dictionary is of special interest for those interested in "translation-free" language learning. Translation-free language learning is still a self-defeating endeavor nowadays, due to the fact that there is no practical way for a beginner student to find out the meaning of a new word without relying on a bilingual dictionary. We already have a huge image bank at Wikimedia Commons that could be incorporated on this project in a partially automated way. This project could also be used to add missing images to Wikipedia articles and to illustrate the main Wiktionary entries.



1 - Create thematic lists of vocabulary entries. This would be best done by using the Wiktionary category list, but if it's not found to be adequate, it should be improved based on other sources, such as the main Wikipedia categories, Wordnet, and other works.

2 - Select the relevant entries by accessing their frequency. This can be done by using a frequency list, searching within a corpus, or a web search.

3 - Get some representative pictures from Wikimedia Commons, upload if necessary. For added cultural authenticity, the picture should from a place where the language is primarily spoken, if available. But missing pictures should be added from the English picture list until a better one is found.

Templates usable in four different ways


Over the past days, I created a few templates that can be used to build a Picture dictionary in 4 different ways.

The templates are

Four different ways to use Template:picdic: Solar System examples with comparable links. See also Template:picdic#Examples for these examples with coding as well.

Picture dictionary with clickable images

Picture dictionary with legend and wikilinks

Picture dictionary with image map

Picture dictionary with labels

What can be improved in these templates? I am not 100% pleased with the way to add clickable image(s) describing a hypernym of the entry. Any suggestion is welcome. HenkvD 18:13, 15 July 2010 (UTC)[reply]

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