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Kaķis ņaud


A verbalized form of the onomatopoeic (imitative) interjection ņau “meow.”


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ņaudēt (intr., 3rd conj., pres. ņaudu, ņaudi, ņaud, past ņaudēju)

  1. (only 3rd person) to meow (to produce a cat's typical vocal noise, cry)
    kaķis, pelēks kā pele, ņaudā un ņaudāthe cat, gray as a mouse, keeps meowing
    kaķis velnišķi ņaudēja un lūkojās manīthe cat meowed devilishly and looked at me
  2. (colloquial) to meow, to whine (to talk in a tearful voice, usually in order to complain or beg)
    viņai nebija šī cilvēka žēl, bet šausmīgs kauns... tagad viņš lūdzās un ņaudējashe was not sorry for that person, rather she felt terrible shame... now he is begging and meowing (= whining)


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