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Kaķene murrā


From the same source as murdēt and murmināt: Proto-Baltic *mur-, from Proto-Indo-European *mur-, an stem that represents voice-like noises, perhaps from *mew-, *mū- “wet; dirty wetness, moisture; to wash” with an extra r.[1]


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murrāt (intr., 2nd conj., only 3rd personpres. murrā, past murrāja)

  1. (of cats) to purr (to make a quiet, vibrating noise in their throat)
    kaķene murrā skaļi un omulīgithe (female) cat purrs loud and cozily
    guļ nobarojies runcis, aizmirsis ķert peles un žurkas, bet tikai slinki murrāthe well-fed (male) cat, having forgotten to catch mice and rats, just purrs lazily
    kā kaķis maigi murrājot, jūra skalo viļņus pret smilšu sērilike a cat gently purring, the sea waves washed against the sandbanks


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