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а-зы́ (ā-zə́)

  1. for
  2. to
  3. because of

Usage notes[edit]

Used with 3rd-person singular inanimate. For others, use the corresponding prefix,

  • For 1st-person singular, use
    сзыszəfor me
  • For 1st-person plural, use
    ҳзыḥzəfor us
  • For 2nd-person masculine singular, use
    узыuzəfor you
  • For 2nd-person feminine singular, use
    бзыbzəfor you
  • For 2nd-person plural, use
    шәзыš°zəfor you
  • For 3rd-person masculine human singular, use
    изыizəfor him
  • For 3rd-person feminine human singular, use
    лзыlzəfor her
  • For 3rd-person plural, use
    рзыrzəfor them

When combined with a verb, to denote that something is done for somebody or something, it is also used inside the verb, where it's a combination of the (possesive) personal prefix plus з(ы), which is a prefix to the verb root.

In intransitive verbs the subject of the verb stands before з(ы) (and personal prefix), where as in a transitive verb the subject stands after the affix and the object before it. For example: intransitive сузнацеит (suznāceiṭ, I went there for you), and transitive иузызгеит (iuzəzgeiṭ, I took it for you).

When an action is done to do another action (verb), the suffix (а)зы is used after the verb (see below).

After a vowel, suffix -зы (-zə) can be used:

Авиациабзиабаҩцәа аҳаирпланқәа ирбаразы Аҟәа аеропорт ахь ицеит.
Āviāciābziābāʿ°c°ā āḥāirṗlānk°ā irbārā Āq̇°ā āeroṗorṭ āx̍ iceiṭ.
Aviation-enthusiasts went to Sukhumi airport to see aircraft.

Alternative forms[edit]




азы́ (azým inan pl (genitive азо́в, plural only)

  1. (plural only) ABC, nuts and bolts, elements


Related terms[edit]


азы́ (azým inan pl

  1. nominative plural of аз (az)
  2. accusative plural of аз (az)