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Supposedly from Tatar әйдә (äydä). Possibly related to hajde.



айда́ (ajdá)

  1. (colloquial) let's go, c'mon
    Хва́тит рабо́тать, айда́ по дома́м
    Xvátit rabótatʹ, ajdá po domám
    Enough of the work, let's go home.
    Айда́ в футбо́л.
    Ajdá v futból.
    Let's play football.
  2. (colloquial) made off; dashed away; vanished
    Мы поруга́лись, он собра́л вещи́чки и айда́.
    My porugálisʹ, on sobrál veščíčki i ajdá.
    We had a quarrel, then he got his belongings and left.

Usage notes[edit]

Айда is used mostly as an imperative verb, but it is invariable. In Russian grammar айда does not count as a true verb and is considered to be closer to an interjection (междометие).