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Supposedly from Tatar әйдә ‎(äydä).



айда́ ‎(ajdá)

  1. (colloquial) let's go, c'mon
    Хва́тит рабо́тать, айда́ по дома́м
    Xvátit rabótatʹ, ajdá po domám
    Enough of the work, let's go home.
    Айда́ в футбо́л.
    Ajdá v futból.
    Let's play football.
  2. (colloquial) made off; dashed away; vanished
    Мы поруга́лись, он собра́л вещи́чки и айда́.
    My porugálisʹ, on sobrál veščíčki i ajdá.
    We had a quarrel, then he got his belongings and left.

Usage notes[edit]

Айда is used mostly as an imperative verb, but it is invariable. In Russian grammar айда does not count as a true verb and is considered to be closer to an interjection (междометие).